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Here's what you need to submit for a chance to reach the finals. You are preparing a lunch that could be sold in Rosalind's Kitchen for busy office workers & shoppers. So it needs to contain:

• A cold or hot soup
• A main course (bearing in mind that the mains cannot be reheated in the office)
• 2 interesting salads, and
• A suitable treat to have after lunch

It must also meet the following requirements:

Simple – Stuff that ordinary people can cook. These aren't clever gastronimical menus with amazing names. We want you to come up with a menu that would inspire other people to think 'Yes I could make this'.

Seasonal – We encourage you to buy your food on the morning of the event. There's a fantastic Farmer's Market very close to Cookery School, plus a range of speciality food shops including Waitrose so you can get really fresh ingredients that are best eaten in July.

Sustainable – Coupled with the above point, buying local food means minimising on energy used with food production, transport & storage. So please think organic, Fair Trade & avoid GM food.

You should not spend more than £40 on the ingredients for your menu. You will have two and half hours to cook your meal.

Cookery School is a state of the art professional kitchen and has pasta makers, ice cream makers and even a sausage maker, so bear this in mind when choosing your menu. We want you to have fun.

To enter
Download the NOMNOMNOMinaton form here. All NOMinations need to be emailed to us at info@nomnomnom.co.uk by 11.59pm on Thursday June 30th 2011.

Please also check out the FAQs for more details.


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Now in its fifth year, Nom Nom Nom is a MasterChef style competition giving the internet's finest bloggers, food photographers and food writers the chance to compete against each other in a professional kitchen. To find out more click here

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